About Us

My name is Kelly and I live in Broome, Western Australia.

I am the mother of three daughters; Briony, Paige and Tahni.

I have a love-hate relationship with indoor plants. I love coffee…maybe a little too much! 

In my ideal world I would live in Australind, close to my family.

I am a top-knot-bun kinda girl. Hair washing is overrated!

My husband would say I have an obsessive-compulsive fascination with interior design and he drives me crazy with his bees and honey making

I have a constant need to change the colour of my walls and be surrounded by cushions.

I am loyal, passionate and generous to my family and friends.

My current obsession is my grand-doggy, Willow the pug. You would all know Willow: the mascot of BARE Leather.

My love of growing up in the countryside inspires my designs.

I know my dad would be proud of where I’m at today; thank God for genes.

I love to travel. My desire for my family to see the world motivated me to design my first leather bag to sell at the markets.  


BARE Leather 

ABN: 32 819 107 328


PO Box 6401, Broome WA 6725

Contact Us:

0400 022 282