The not-to-be-missed soul of Broome, you HAVE to visit!

Ah the Broome Courthouse Markets, the original birth place of BARE leather. How fitting to launch our blog with a rundown of the Broome Markets.  

bare leather at the markets

Sprawled over 3 acres of tropical gardens, locals and tourists alike gather every Saturday (and Sunday in the beautiful dry season!) to enjoy the eclectic produce and products Broomies have to offer. A weekly tradition to many locals, and a not-to-be-missed experience for the multitudes of tourists that flood Broome in the winter months. 




the original cable station

Originally built as the Cable Station, connecting Broome and subsequently, Australia to Java via a submarine telegraph cable. Now, the oldest Cable Station still standing! The foundations for the original Cable Station kitchen, now the same slab of concrete used for the toilet block.  The Cable Station was converted to the Broome Courthouse in 1920 and has remained the home of justice in Broome since. Built of Iron and Timber it has an absolute 19th century colonial charm to it.


matt's authentic filipino cuisine

You walk into the markets and instantly breathe in the flavours of Broome, from Matt’s Authentic Filipino Cuisine, serving the BEST dumplings in the Kimberley, to The Bao Shed, Stu’s kitchen, bottling the finest chilli sauce in Broome, or a deliciously refreshing ‘frozen fruit thingy’ (seriously, that’s what they’re called!) from the Juice Bar, there’s no way you won’t find something delicious to consume. If you know a thing or two about Broome’s history, it is largely entwined with Japanese, Chinese and Filipino culture, a mixing pot of incredible traditions and food, which is evident in the array available at the Markets.   


reef chief
Walking from stall to stall you’ll notice the incredibly rich artistic energy, from pottery to drawings, photography and paintings, knitting, woodwork and glassware, leather wear and clothing, for the most part, designed and lovingly crafted by Broome locals. No matter what the medium, you’re bound to leave with a new special something to remind you of Broome. Honestly, I can’t help myself, almost every trip to the markets I come home with something new! 



Head over to the Kimberley Information and Travel Centre stall and book any and all tours you could possibly want to do in Broome, or jump over to Broome Adventure Co. and book a kayaking tour that will blow your mind! There’s plenty to see and do around Broome and the markets will open those doors for you! Even if it’s just a bit of info you’re after, talk to a local and find out what’s good.

Broome Markets
And that’s just the stalls! The atmosphere here is the stuff of dreams, honestly! You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you think of something you love? That’s the vibe here. Up on the steps of Courtroom 1, a live band belts out a tune. Families crowd around on the grass, devouring their spoils and checking out their goodies while children run around playing with their friends. Family and friends bump into each other and spend the morning relaxing on the grass.. A gathering place for locals, and a soul warming, not-to-be-missed experience for tourists. 


Have you been to the Broome Courthouse Markets before? Let us know in the comments and tell us all about it! We’d love to know.  

Tara, BARE Leather Team x 

images courtesy of the Broome Courthouse Markets.

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